Practicing Safe Sex with Your Escort: Enhancing Your Experience

  • by Debra B. Gudino

Discussing everything before sex with your Bali escorts can be for safety and respect in consideration. Not only does practicing safe sex benefit your own health but it also increases your chance of experiencing a gratifying and enjoyable intercourse scene with your partner.

1. Use Protection

Having sex with an escort using condoms or other barrier methods is a good idea for safe sex. Condoms have high efficiency in STI prevention and without unwanted pregnancy risk reduction. Provide condoms over the counter at campus health centers as well as other locations. Abstention from any sort of sexual intercourse if not done under protection, regardless of whose partner or what time of the day, is recommended.

2. Choose a Reputable Escort

It is important to consider the agency or particular provider you want to use to ensure you'll have a safe experience. Carefully select potential escorts, study their reviews, and first of all work with those who hold security and secrecy high in their priorities. Being a responsible and safe escort implies some self-reflection and attention to your STI status, as well as the correct use of condoms every time you have sex with a client.

3. Hygiene and Grooming

Make sure you maintain a high hygiene level and look well-groomed before your date with the escort. Take a shower before going and be sure that you are clean and ready to show proper dressing. This in turn demonstrates respect and at the same time, an opportunity to participate in something enjoyable for both of us. Escort seeks clients that are on top of proper hygiene.

4. Avoid Excessive Alcohol or Drugs

No excess alcohol consumption or drug intake either before you meet or while the meeting is ongoing. In addition, the use of drugs and alcohol affects cognition and decision-making which will ultimately increase the chance of indulging in more harmful activities. Always be attentive and observant to prevent mistakes and react based on existing knowledge in an emergency.

5. Be Discreet

Given appropriate privacy and silence, you can comply with the rules set by escort services. Do not tell your friends your private story or family problems. Discretion is designed to shield both parties equally from the chance of being endangered and the rendering of any offense between them.

6. Regular STI Testing

Make appointments for yourself and the escort to come for STI testing regularly. Be self-consistent and don’t force them to get tested or something. The most significant reason why screening is essential is the early start of the treatment and eradication of any infections. When you are aware of your STI, it inspires you to act responsibly and to


In escort, you may think the safety of your body is more important or the reason to have mutual respect and joy with the escort. Well, consider that the responsible way of behaving is not just fun, but it also ensures a safe and happy time. So always try to treat your escort with a handle and care for quality time with them.